Crav Maga or Krav Maga

Crav Maga or Krav Maga?

The answer is Krav Maga. Even if it might be clear to some of you, I just keep seeing people writing crav maga, and I guess I can’t blame them. Krav Maga it’s an Israeli Self Defense system, and it’s in Hebrew, meaning combat contact. But, the name Krav Maga remains popular and it used as it is, without translating it to another languages. Probably most of the people whose search for krav maga on google or any other search engine, are people who hear about it and didn’t read about it, as crav and krav may sound the same.

Among this tiny, crav, “mistake” I noticed in other occasions that people write: kraw maga, kraf maga, krafmaga, krave maga and even krav manga. I’m not here to teach anyone how to write English, as I’m by myself not a professional and it’s not my native language, but just want to make it more clear to everybody, a thing that will help you find what you looking for more easily.

If you already arrive to this page, it’s mean probably you are interested in Krav Maga, so I would recommend any of you to visit our FAQ page and of course the Karv Maga History page, you will find out from where all started, and even will hear a bit about a method called Krav maga Maleh, as for Maleh it’s an Hebrew word for Full, so translated to English: Full Contact Combat. It’s a self-defense technique that Guy Dar developed and expands on the basic of the traditional Krav Maga.

Some videos that might demonstrate on those techniques may be found on our DVD Content page.

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