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Introducing to the Krav Maga Self Defense from Knife Attacks DVD Video Course:

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Krav Maga Video Course Knife Defense

When ever thinking of frightening situations that might occurred to us, knife attacks are first to comes up, as they are the most dangerous and common attacks. The knife defense krav maga techniques that you will learn in this course will give you the best and most effective defenses against those knife attacks and threats that might happen in real life.

This knowledge will always go with you everywhere!

This kind of knowledge is anything you probably need for defending yourself.

If you wish to study easiest and powerful self defense, here is the ideal home study video course which could save your life. This Krav Maga course demonstrates over an hour the most widespread scenarios involving knife risks and attacks that you might have to deal with on an unlucky day

When there is a knife attack, you have to stop it in mere seconds. The significant problem is hesitation. The perfect solution would be to learn how to react automatically towards an assault. By learning and practicing Krav Maga with our video course, repeating the techniques over and over, can help you to implement an automatically react against an attack.

Krav Maga Knife Defence for Girls

Krav Maga Techniques for Knife Defense

By watching this DVD course you can discover the same techniques which are trained in my personal classes.. You will note within this exclusive video training course that i'm not just gonna explain to you the correct movements, i will also describe and explain directly to you, precisely what I'm doing. You will be able to check out the video tutorials as frequently as needed, watching the exact moves which required for you to master the knife defense Krav Maga techniques course.

Knife Defense Krav Maga Technique

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This is a unique opportunity to learn real, effective and simple self- defense course based on 34 years of experience directly from an Israeli master!

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