The Krav Maga History

The Krav Maga from its foundation | and about Guy Dar from 1980 until today

History Of Krav Maga - Imi Lichtenfeld

Krav Maga History

Krav Maga is actually an Israeli martial art developed in an effort to teach and develop self-defense in short and quick time, by making use of techniques which provides answer for situations of violence that might get caught on the “Street”. This Fighting system, Krav Maga, developed within a military environment and utilized for self defense. It has been based on street-fighting skills developed by Hungarian-Israeli martial artist Imi Lichtenfeld. This self defense method first implemented by the Israel Defense Forces, but nowadays been used around the world by military and police forces in numerous countries.

Krav Maga involves boxing, muay Thai, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and grappling techniques, together with realistic fight training. Krav Maga is recognized for its focus on real life situations and extremely efficient, brutal counter-attacks.

​Imi Lichtenfeld Sde-Or (bless his memory) was the father of the Krav Maga method. He began making use of his technique of training in 1944 with the Haganah Brigade, before the announcement of the 1948 State of Israel. Over the years this training method had been used and enhanced in the IDF, (Israeli Defense Forces), by Imi and later by his greatest student, Eli Avikzar (bless his memory). Eli was awarded the first Krav Maga Black Belt by Imi in 1971.

Krav Maga Training

Guy Dar – Krav Maga Chief Insturctor

Full Contact Krav Maga is the next generation of this unique street fighting and self defense method.

The basic principles are the same:
* “The most natural and short movement is the best and right  movement.”~ Imi.
* “Minimum movement against maximum attack” ~ Eli Avikzar.

Guy Dar, the chief instructor of Full Contact Krav Maga, began his training in Krav Maga in 1980. He had been certified as a Black Belt and a Krav Maga Instructor in 1989.

Mr. Dar was personally trained by Eli Avikzar through the last fifteen years of Eli’s life within a unique class of Eli’s top instructors. Guy turned into one of the highest ranked students of the late Master Eli Avikzar. Guy Dar is also a extremely regarded Certified Martial Arts & Self Defense coach from the world famous Wingate Institute in 1995. In addition, he's a Senior teacher and Expert of Defensive Arts in Israel (Wingate 2003).

​Full Contact Krav Maga is the next generation of this fighting and self defense method. Through the years of real life experience, Full Contact Krav Maga has become simpler, more instinctive, faster and stronger than ever before.

Mr. Dar has devoted his life to teaching many different varieties of people how to defend themselves against all forms of violence.

Nowadays, when people are so busy at work, with there's children, studying or with any other thing, it became more hard to make time for various activities, especially those taken place on fixed schedule such as martial arts. With this understanding, we decided in Krav Maga Maleh to produce a video course that will fulfill the gap between the willing of a person to learn Self Defense and and his lack of time. We came up with the complete guide for Krav Maga Training based on our unique method Krav Maga Maleh (full contact in hebrew). With this video course you will be able to learn all the basics and essential techniques of our method, from your convenience of your home and time, just run the DVD when ever you have some free time and practice the techniques over and over until it will become your natural and instincts reaction.

The City of Oklhaoma City Police - After Krav Maga training

Guy Dar Teaches Children's Krav Maga Maleh

Career Highlights of Guy Dar

- Manages 5 major Self Defense Schools in central Israel, the first of which he opened in 1990.
- Trained more than 30 students who earned Black Belts and subsequently became instructors (some of his students are now 3rd DAN Black Belt masters).
- Leads the most professional and distinguished team of self defense, martial arts and physical training instructors.
- Expertise in training police units and special defense forces worldwide according to their specific, unique needs.
- Teaching of specially designed courses for civilians men, women and children.
- Develops seminars and courses for Israeli and overseas schools, universities and colleges.
- Organized youth activities for underprivileged Israeli teenagers under the nationwide program “Yes for Sports – No for Drugs”.
- Taught at the famous Israeli school, "Herzliya Gymnasia” and a special city wide project for Jerusalem students after a wave of terror attacks shocked the nation and many  parents requested that their children be taught Self-Defense procedures.
- Created and taught a special program to teach self defense to visually-impaired individuals .

​Mr. Dar has been a certified instructor of Krav Maga since 1989 and a certified Martial Arts and Self Defense coach since 1995.  He was awarded these degrees from the Wingate Institute for Physical Education and Sport in Israel. Mr. Dar is one of the selected few individuals in Israel who holds a special title from, Mr. Eli Avikzar and the Zinman college of Physical Education and Sport Sciences at the Wingate Institute, of "Senior Teacher and Expert in Defensive Arts in Israel".

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