Krav Maga Knife Defense Strategies

Krav Maga Knife Defense Strategies

Dealing With Knife Attacks

One of the most important things you will learn in Krav Maga is Knife Defense. In fact, we cannot think of any other martial art discipline that trains you at knife defense as well as Krav Maga does. The unconventional nature of Krav Maga is pretty much suited for this.

Why is it so important to learn knife defense? Knives are very dangerous weapons and are favored by small time thugs who mug people on the streets, late at night. It may be argued that more people die of wounds received from knife attacks than by gun violence.

While we teach you knife defense techniques, the important thing is not to test your skills against anyone. Knife attacks are always dangerous, no matter how well trained you are. The best thing you can do is to escape in a way that deters the attacker from following you. You should fight back only if you are trapped and there is no other way to put off the knife wielding attacker.

The time to defend yourself against a knife attack is before it ever happens. Generally, the attacker will confront you verbally or make a threat before attacking you – this is the time to react. You don’t want to give him time to prepare himself, strike at him before he strikes you. Watch his hands closely, maybe his hands are concealing a knife or a sharp-edged weapon. React NOW, attack his preparation or just retreat and escape.

Generally, there are two types of attackers – those who are committed and those who do not commit themselves. Committed knife attackers are like Mike Tyson, they want to kill or incapacitate you with just one big, mighty swing.

Non-committed knife attackers are like Floyd Mayweather Jnr., they want to play with you, jab, jab, and jab, make several small strikes rather than take one big swing. They are actually a lot more dangerous to handle. Regardless of what sort of attacker you face, it is important to have the right attitude.

When fighting a committed knife attacker, here’s what you should do – evade his strike by side stepping and attack the knife arm at the same time. Or, trap or control the knife arm and move in on the attacker with extreme force and strike out his vital points. Just shut him down before he can do any damage. You will be taught this at knife defense classes, but you need to put in a plenty of practice before you can truly master these moves.

Fending off the non-committed attacker is more difficult. He is more hesitant, he is dancing all around you, waving his knife at you. You can’t move in and try to catch the knife, you will get cut. Raise your forearms against him and try to protect your wrists, abdomen and neck. Dodge and weave the attacker, stay in motion and pull yourself away from him.

Don’t intercept the moves, but use evasive techniques. Slip out of his striking range with your footwork and body movements, just clear out and retreat, if that is possible, or if you find an opportunity to strike, counterattack as fast as possible. Always stay balanced and plan your moves well in advance.

When you learn knife defense from us, you will be trained with the environment in mind. How do you defend yourself in an open space? And how would you react in a crowded market, or for that matter, in an airplane or stairway? Knife attacks can happen anywhere, so you should be prepared for every scenario. Your footwork is the most important thing here, and so is dodging with the body, keeping the space in mind.

Hope you’ve found the information given here useful and it has given you a good idea about knife defense and how it works. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to know more.

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