Krav Maga Shirts

About Dri Fit and our Krav Maga Dri Fit Shirts

Dri Fit and our Krav Maga Dri Fit Shirts

Recently more and more athletes, professionals and amateurs , training while wearing Dri-fit clothes, and it seems that almost everyone love this kind of fabric, that’s why we decided to use Dri Fit shirts for our Krav Maga T-shirts. Dri fit is the latest development of sports clothing and its fabric is ideal for various physical activities. What exactly drifit is?  Driifit is a microfiber, polyester fabric  that helps moves your sweats from body to the fabric surface than instead absorbed the sweat in the fabric it will evaporates. One of the hated side effects in sports is sweat , hard to think of a more ideal solution for exercisers . Instead of training with cloth sponge, weighing and makes it difficult to train and often accompanied by unpleasant odors , drifit will enable us to carry out any physical activity comfortably as possible , and encourages us to continue in difficult moments.

Another advantage of Driifit clothes is that they adapt to the body structure of the trainees. Thanks to this flexibility, anyone can enjoy maximum movement range and to enjoy from cloths that fit his body characters.

We produce high quality Dri Fit Krav Maga T-Shirts with nice and cool designs, hope it will be for your taste and your convenience, and help you to feel more comfortable while practicing your Krav Maga Maleh (full contact) moves from the Krav Maga DVD Video Course or from any other Sport activity.

Shipping: We usually ship out our Krav Maga Shirts in 1-2 business days, delivery time will be around 10 - 14 days.

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