Learn Krav Maga Online Training Course

Learn Krav Maga Online Training Course

If you’d always been curious about Krav Maga moves and wondered if there was any way you could learn Krav Maga online, you’ve come to the right place. At 972kravmaga.com, you will learn Krav Maga online training course at your own pace, in your own time, in the privacy of your home.

Krav Maga, of course, is self defense method, which uniquely identified with Israel, right from the 1940’s, when it was taught in a military environment and later on to soldiers in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) by the creator of Krav Maga, the Hungarian-Israeli martial arts genius, Imi Lichtenfeld. The IDF is one of the most ferocious fighting forces in the world, and if the IDF takes Krav Maga seriously, so should you!

Krav Maga self defense is regarded by many as the most effective martial arts skills in the world, because of its single minded focus on inflicting maximum damage on the opponent in the shortest time possible. In Krav Maga, you use your most effective tools - knees, elbows, weapons and so on, and focus your attacks on your opponent’s weakest area – his neck, knees, ribs, throat, eyes, solar plexus, groin, etc. It’s ugly, and it’s not a sport - it’s something you learn to prepare yourself for any danger that you may come across.

Nobody is safe in today’s world. Recent terrorist strikes in Australia and France, have, if anything, made it very clear that not just soldiers, even civilians must be prepared to fight for their lives, when the situation demands it. When you learn Krav Maga online, you are prepared for any eventually, ready to take on any danger. The confidence this feeling of sheer competency gives you is simply immeasurable.

There are other great advantages as well – learning Krav Maga moves online keeps you physically fit, it is a terrific stress buster and relaxes you after a long day at work or school.

But why would you learn Krav Maga online at 972kravmaga.com?

For one, there may not be any Krav Maga school anywhere close to you. To attend the nearest Krav Maga class, you probably have to drive for 2 hours. If you still go to the Krav Maga class after hours of driving or on public transport, we applaud your commitment. But there is certainly an easier way to learn the skill.

You can learn Krav Maga online training course at 972kravmaga.com, you don’t have to leave your home at all, or waste hours in commuting. This saves you a lot of time, and you can fix your own schedule. If you find yourself having an hour or so of spare time, any day of the week, you can use the time to learn Krav Maga moves online. When you learn Krav Maga online, you set the schedule, and you set the pace. That’s a massive advantage to have!

Also, if you feel you’re better off learning alone and not in a group, learning Krav Maga moves online at 972kravmaga.com is the easiest way to do so. Or you might as well get a couple of friends to join you and train together – it’s your choice.

Another big advantage is that, when you learn Krav Maga online training course, you can repeat each move as many times as you like, over and over again till you get them absolutely right. This may not be the case when you train under an instructor in a Krav Maga class, because nobody would have the patience to teach you the same thing a hundred times if you find it too hard.

But clearly, there are disadvantages as well when you learn Krav Maga online. For one, if you don’t have anyone to train with you, it might be difficult, as you need to practice your Krav Maga moves with another person. Also, the absence of an instructor who would guide you through the moves and tell you where you’re going wrong can also affect your learning.

So, clearly, it’s a decision you have to take depending on your circumstances. Our recommendation is to learn Krav Maga online training course at 972kravmaga.com if the nearest Krav Maga class is really quite far off from where you stay, or if you’re a busy person, who is constantly short on time. Regardless, Krav Maga is a fighting technique and a self defense method which is critical in this day and age, and one that you must pick up.

For now, we offer our great Krav Maga DVD that will teach you all the basic moves and techniques of this Israeli Self Defense method. You will be learning: Hands Strikes and Kicks techniques, Hands Defense and Knife Defense techniques, and more. Krav Maga DVD fight like a professional!

We are working now on new DVDs, as we want to offer you a complete guide for all the Krav Maga elements. The next DVD that will come out, will be focusing on Knife Defense, which will explain and teach you all the aspects and techniques of getting out of danger from this deadly situation.

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