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When you think about frightening situations the most dangers and common is knife attack! The knife video course will give you the best most effective defenses against knife attacks and knife threats. That you can meet in the reality.
This knowledge is something you really need for protecting your life.
If you want to learn simple affective self defense this is the best video course that can save your life more than hour & 15 min of the most common situation in knife threats and attacks
This knowledge will always go with you everywhere you go!
Instructional videos of more than 1 hour and 15 min of teaching the most common knife threat & knife defenses in Krav Maga!
When there is a knife attack, you need to end it in seconds. Your major problem is to not hesitate. The solution to hesitation is to know how to respond automatically to the attack you may face. Learning Krav Maga by watching and practicing the techniques in the video course many times can lead you to a point where you will respond automatically towards an attack.
Now you can learn the exact same moves that are taught in my own classes. You will see in this special video course that I am not only going to show you the right moves, but I also explain directly to you, the viewer, exactly what I am doing. You are able to watch the videos as frequently as you need, watching the exact techniques that you wish to master.
This is a special opportunity to Larne real simple self- defense course build on 34 years of experience directly from an Israeli master!


Format: DVD
Country/Region of Manufacture: Israel
Language: English
Genre: Sports
Sub-Genre: Martial Arts
Runtime: 75 min
Brand: Krav Maga Maleh

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