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Larry Cook

Larry Cook
ESP Agent

I recently checked out the "krav maga in no time" video course. It was excellent. I think the way these fundamentals are explained are great. The camera angle(s) give good idea of what is being taught. What i like about Krav Maga is it gives simple and direct solutions to actual combat situations. And when the poop hits the fan, one doesn't have the composure to think of much of anything, your heart is beating about 150-170 beats a minute, your adernalin is going crazy, and in order to defend/protect yourself, you need a simple and effectve solution.

You teach these tactics here, in a way easy to learn, all one has to do is practice them till they become comfortable and confident.
I learned H2H combat in the military special forces, as well as years since to keep up on what I knew. I have worked with Krav Maga in the past and incorporated it in what i know. Being a Executive Protection Specialist (body guard) I am always working to improve myself, for the clay as a bodyguard you never want to have. I also work with one of my clients who was a finalist on American Idol. She now has her own hunting show and releasing a new country album this spring.

She has trained on and off for years, with me, as well as MMA fighters, and recently in working with her, went thru the "krav maga in no time" program. She really likes the simplicity yet effectiveness of your program.
In my line of business I understand the importance of having the ability to defend yourself, and Krav Maga eliminates so much time and training by eliminating techniques that are effective in actual combat situations.
I would love to incorporate these techniques into my training for myself as well as for students I teach.
Again, thank you, it is great course. And belive me, I have purchased so many programs as I take much pride in my work and I want to always be on top of my game, Krav Maga in no time is one program that i would actually be able to use. I can't say that about most programs I have bought.

Knowing of Krav Maga's reputation as a deadly close combat and self-defense system, I was amazed to read
that Israeli recruits become proficient in a matter of weeks, and that some former Israeli Defense Forces trainers have said that is possible for civilians too. I could not imagine that a person of any age or circumstances could become adept so quickly in the basics of Krav Maga, until I received "Krav Maga in No Time" from Guy Dar. "Krav Maga in No Time" is the closest thing I can imagine on DVD to receiving private lessons with Full Contact Krav Maga Maser Guy Dar.

Maser Dar thoroughly shows and explains the exact body mechanics of each stance, strike, kick and defense
step by step. He then demonstrates the targeting and the tactics in a way that is very easy for a first time beginner to understand. The student learns quickly to execute the techniques and defenses with proper speed and power. I have other resources which explain Krav Maga "360 degree defense", but Guy Dar's lesson in "Krav Maga in No Time" was the first time I could truly experience how it operates and why it is more effective than traditional martial arts blocking.

Guy Dar also teaches for quick mastery the instinctive Krav Maga defenses against strikes, kicks, headlocks,
knife, and stick which can be used from any angle of attack. All the defenses use gross body movement, which
means they are easy to learn and have been proven in combat and police work to be easy to remember and perform under the pressure of a real assault. Some other martial arts require memorizing complicated techniques for dozens of specific attacks which slows down the response while the brain sorts through them all to figure out which one to use for this particular type of attack. I am not athletic, so gross body movements are much easier for me to learn.

I am very excited that I am rapidly developing proficiency and self-confidence in my self-defense capabillity as a student of Guy Dar's "Krav Maga in No Time". I cannot speak highly enough of the quality of the production and the instruction the course contains. I have learned more effective self defense more quickly from "Krav Maga in No Time" than i ever thought possible.

Philip Kouse

Phillip Kouse,
paralegal and social worker,
60 years old,
Seattle, Washington, USA

kristy lee cook

Kristy Lee Cook,
A singer and an American Idol

Contestant (2008)

Oregon, US

A Letter from Kristy Lee Cook to her father regarding the krav maga in no time video course:

​Thanks for the krav maga in no time videos. They are awesome. For someone wanting to learn the proper technique in such an easy to understand video, it doesn't get better than this.
​I like the way the videos are shown and explained, and the short and to the point lessons make it fun. I can take this video in my travels and go thru the lessons in my hotel room, while flying, or on the bus traveling.
​Krav Maga is a great way to learn first hand how to protect yourself. You cannot always have someone there to do it for you.

​Thanks for the course. It will be put to good use.

The Krav Maga In No Time course is easily the best self-defense course out there in the market today.
After watching the instructional videos and participating along at home, I feel much more prepared, trained and comfortable with the necessary movements to protect myself. As a woman, I find self-defense and the knowledge of how to protect myself very important. While other self-defense courses have often seemed intimidating to me and don't leave me with a lot of real-world use, the Krav Maga In No Time course is not only applicable to my life but also very easy to understand and comfortable to use in my very own home. As a peson with a very busy schedule, it's extremely helpful to be able to practice at my own convenience and at my own pace without having to worry about commuting to classes and going at the pace of the teacher or the rest of the class. Overall I am very pleased with the course and would recommend it to anyone looing to increase their knowledge of how to protect themselves and their loved ones and are looking for convenient and affordable way to do so.

Shannon Delany

Shannon Delany
Oakland, California

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