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Read what people think about our Krav Maga in No Time - DVD Video Course

William Landrath

William Landrath

I am excited about the content of Krav Maga in no time. it is cutting to the heart of how one needs to comprehend this self defense information. As Krav Maga is real life self-defense and not really Martial Arts perse one needs to get right to the heart of learning what one need to learn for extreme and suprising circumstances under violent situations in a close quarters combar situation.

Having a mentor (by watching the video) then practicing the technique is an excellent way to get the information into the sub-conscience mind of muscle memory as much practice is the key. One need to carefully listen to the instruction then practice each technique over until it becomes second nature, then adding the next technique. As real sel defense must become second nature (under an attack) there is no time to think or freeze, it is the time to respond to that threat.

The Krav Maga in no time course training from the basics to the advanced is what we have been waiting for. i highly recommended this life saving and life giving self-defense course, your confidence level will explode with Krav Maga in no time Course.

 I have to say that i was delighted, both, with the quality of the content of "Krav Maga in No Time" and the clarity with which the individual techniques are described. The lessons are short and snappy and cover all the essential points with no fluff or filler.
I would recommend this course to any serious student of Krav Maga without a moment's hesitation.

 Keep up the good work, guys!

Neil McDonald

Neil McDonald
Bangkok, Thailand

Nicole Blev

Nicole Blev
Atlanta, Georgia

I have guy's "Krav Maga No Time Video Course" and I see the magic. I now know how to protect myself in any situation. Even though I'm a girl, no guy will ever stand in my way again!

Thank you so much!!

Self-defense programs can feel overwhelming or ineffective, but watching these videos shows that if you master one technique at a time, it is possible to feel confident in and strong in protecting yourself. I hope that i would never have to use any of these techniques, but if I am put in a position where I am threatened, I feel like the Krav Maga in no time video course has given me a new sense of strength and understanding of how to best defend myself.

Stephanie Portman

Stephanie Portman
San Francisco, CA

John Fliss

John Fliss

I found the krav maga in no time videos provided a good foundation for anyone wanting to learn Krav Maga without having any previous experience. The instruction on the videos were very clear and easy to follow. If practiced with a partner, the videos are very effective and prepare anyone with a solid system of self defense.

After being involved with the performance of the human body for nearly 30 years, I really enjoy the simplicity of Krav Maga in no time video course.

For the average person, the positions, movements, and techniques of other martial arts are difficult and take years to master. In this course, Guy shows how to properly and quickly defend yourself in the most common of situations using normal and instinctive body movements. He has a very direct and clear style of teaching Krav which is the essence of Krav: clear and direct.

The techniques that Guy demonstrates are very easy to follow and learn. By following and practicing this course for both myself and my family, I feel a bit more confident as a father when my daughter is out on a date. With this course, you can feel more comfortable in any situation. Knowledge is power.

My daughters, 13 and 15 are loving this. My background is soft style (Aikido), with some modified gung fu. This is great!

Tim Vagen

Tim Vagen, CSCS
Owner Unlimited Athlete, Inc.
Seattle, WA USA

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